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Real, Effective, No-Excuse Dog Training 

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Tucson K-9 Learning Center is proud to offer Tucson's most comprehensive dog training experience under one roof. Whether your dog needs obedience training, rattlesnake avoidance training, behavior modification, service dog training, therapy dog training, protection dog training, or even narcotics detection training, we do it all!

Our method of dog training closely follows the military dog training done at Lackland Air Force base.  We do not use treats or clickers.  Our reward sytem is physical and verbal praise, not food.

Summer Vacation Special 

Real, Effective, No-excuse Training

2-Week Board-and-Train: $1,450.00

We have spent years developing and refining our 2-week boarding and training program in basic obedience.

​In just 14 days, we can train your dog in complete basic obedience.  The course includes 3 private instruction sessions after pick-up and Rattlesnake Avoidance Training.  

We are located on a 5-acre ranch in Southwest Tucson.

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