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All classes are taught by certified professional dog trainers. 

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Advanced Obedience course picks up where Basic Obedience ends. Your dog will learn to reliably heel without a leash as well as run and jog with you.  He'll learn the "stand" and "finish" commands, along with beginner agility and scent detection games. Advanced obedience is designed to challenge your dog mentally and physically to enrich his life and yours and to foster deeper communication between the two of you.


Service Dog training encompasses many different aspects.  Your physical condition is different from everyone else's.   At Phoenix K-9, we can teach your dog to perform almost any service you require. Please call us for more information.

Dogs have incredible noses.  Some studies suggest that their sense of smell may be up to 100,000 times more sensitive than a human's.  Phoenix K-9 can teach your dog to identify and indicate for narcotics and explosives or just help you find your car keys!

We work with several  nursing homes and hospices in our Therapy Dog course.  Not all dogs have the temperament to enter this course, but if they do, bringing comfort to the sick and terminally ill is incredibly rewarding for both dog and owner. Make your dog someone's hero!

More nose work!  Tracking and Trailing games are very popular.  They're a great way to exercise your dog's body and mind at the same time.  Maybe you'd like to volunteer your time to your local search and rescue organization.  Either way, it's great for team-building with your best friend.